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We Don’t Do Internships. We Do Experienceships.

Our Startup Experienceships aim to kick Internships into the 21st century. Young professionals and students deserve the best career accelerators possible. Corkscrew offer unique Startup Experienceships that provide the perfect environment to stay ahead of the crowd. Receive training in entrepreneurship and business startup in innovative cowork hubs across the worlds most exciting cities. Meet inspiring leaders and influencers. Develop your own startup idea. Conquer the world.

3 Key Elements Of Our Experienceships.

Our 4 week Experienceships provide real time work experience similar to a traditional internship, but combine it with startup training in inspiring global locations to make sure you develop key professional skills and harness the experience of key business leaders to create the perfect career accelerator.

Startup Training

  • More than 80+ hours startup training
  • Expert startup coaches
  • Create your own business concept
  • Workshops from SEO to branding

Challenging Work Experience

  • Business project from a local startup
  • Develop professional skills and attributes
  • Topics from marketing to business analysis
  • Enhance professional resume

Innovative Work Spaces

  • Meet founders and influencers in industry
  • Unique environments to stimulate creativity
  • Immerse yourself in the startup community
  • Discover new opportunities and contacts

Encounter your own startup journey through the Corkscrew Canvas.

95% of our participants don’t arrive with a business idea, but by following the Corkscrew Canvas© we have sparked more than 500 new business concepts.

4 Weeks For A Lifetime Of Skills.

At Corkscrew we hate studying, but we love learning. Our coaches will introduce you to the most current thinking from developing personal skills such as Emotional Intelligence to technical skills including SEO, website creation and social media marketing. Our training has been developed to provide you with the attributes you’ll need to succeed in your chosen career path, or the ability to launch your own startup. Working within real life business environments and solving challenging startup tasks you’ll change your thinking forever, welcome to your life as a Corkscrew Thinker.

week1: Think Big

95% of our students don’t arrive with a business idea, but 100% leave with one! Week one is about inspiring creativity and empowering you to develop a startup concept from passions, skills and opportunities.


week2: SEAMLESS©

Not every idea is a feasible, you need to check it’s SEAMLESS©. Our unique startup canvas will ensure your idea’s worth taking to the next level as you investigate elements such as customers and competition.

week3: Kickstart

Now you’re ready to test your idea. Using LEAN Startup you’ll create an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for your identified early adopters with workshops in SEO, website creation and social media marketing.


week4: Pitch Perfect

You’ve heard of Shark Tank, now it’s your turn to enter the Bear Pit. You’ll create the perfect pitch to wow our Business Bears and attempt to be crowned Corkscrew Champion with your exciting new startup concept.

You can find out more about our Startup Experienceships by downloading our info pack


Meet movers, shakers, influencers and founders at inspiring cowork spaces.

Why intern at one company in one sector, when you could immerse yourself in a smörgåsbord of industries from Tech to Tourism at a top cowork spaces.

Top Global Startup Capitals.

We are passionate about inspiring individuals to become global citizens and push their boundaries. We have picked some of the worlds most innovative and culturally diverse cities to broaden horizons and challenge opinion and status quo. Each city has it’s own unique startup community and offers rich sights, sounds and societies to embrace during your 4 weeks on the program. We’ll make sure you’re immersed in the startup environment of your chosen destinations as well as making sure you make the most of your free time through local activities, events and excursions.

Barcelona | Spain


Beijing | China


Berlin | Germany


Cape Town | South Africa


What Do Our Community Think.

The success of our Experienceships are down to the hard work, creativity and passion to learn of our participants. With more than 500+ participants joining our programs from more than 30+ countries our community is growing into an exciting movement of Corkscrew Thinkers and change makers. If you would like to speak directly with one of our alumni about their Experienceship then just drop us a message.

I accomplished so much more than I thought I was capable of, came away with so much more than I would have from a traditional internship, and can’t wait to go back to Barcelona to meet up with all of my Corkscrew connections. Absolutely recommend this program – it’s amazing!!

Maddie Alexander

CS Barcelona 2016, Vanderbilt Univerity

I learned a new way of thinking, Corkscrew Thinking. It is an out of the box type of thinking that I will be able to use throughout my life. I would highly suggest this program to anyone looking to personally grow and wanting to become more independent. 

Cole Holan

CS Berlin 2016, Emory University


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