Huan ying Beijing.

‘Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.’ Chinese proverb

Beijing | 5th June 2017 (Duration 4 Weeks)

With a population of over 21 million, it is no surprise that Beijing is a melting pot of innovation, business and culture and has been  forecast as the only real competitor to Silicon Valley in the next 10 years. China’s capital Beijing marks the point where entrepreneurs, engineering talent and Venture Capital meet! In addition to a huge domestic market, Beijing’s population has also demonstrated rapid consumer-adoption speed meaning that Beijing’s startup scene provides exciting scaling opportunities.  

Ancient Architecture

Located in the heart of Beijing and made up of 90 palaces, The Forbidden City represents the pinnacle of ancient Chinese architecture.

Far East Flavours

Tempt your tastebuds with a whole new world of food! Try authentic Hotpot & Dim Sum and if you’re feeling brave you can even order Duck’s tounge!

Wonders of the World

At over 21,000 km’s long, you won’t cover all of it but we recommed using one of your weekends to walk a section of the Great Wall of China!

Meet the locals

In Beijing we wanted to find locals that represented the true startup scene with connections across multiple cowork spaces and industries. Our on ground local partners provide the best way to fully immerse in the startup scene with knowlege on local events, individuals and connections to ensure you make the most of your experienceship.

Ben is focused on developing innovative programs in the field of professional development in China and is key to advancing innovative partnerships for ImmerQi. With an extensive background in business development he comes with a diverse range of relevant skills.

Ben Lemmon

Director, International Marketing

Coming with a varied background in business from media to educational development, Matthew provides a key link to the thriving startup scene in Beijing. Matthew is responsible for new project development on the board of ImmerQi.

Matthew Wong

Director, Global Development

Beijing provides the perfect environment to create, build and grow your ideas.

With new and exciting experiences around every corner, Beijing is the perfect city to unlease your Corkscrew Thinking mind and explore the endless possibilities of what your future could hold!

Beijing’s Startup Superheroes.

Beijing is showing a real focus on tech and communication. Dji promises to be the pioneer in helping China to pivot from global copycat to world class tech innovator through its domestic-consumer drone technology. Known as the “Google of China”, Baidu is mainland China’s largest search engine however they have branched out into many other fields including the development of self-driving cars! Founded in a bungalow in Beijing in 1984, Leonovo’s CEO started out delivering PC’s by bicycle and experienced many failures in the early days. Today however Lenovo is one of the Asia’s leading smartphone sellers!


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