Our Unique JTerm Journey.

‘Learning happens in the minds and souls’. Sir Ken Robinson

Why Let A J-Term Finish After 4 Weeks?

We know that colleges want to provide international programs that allow their students to discover new interests and test their creativty outside of their majors or minors, that’s why our Startup Experienceships are perfect to fit within your curriculum. We feel that 4 weeks is a great way to begin developing creativity, initiative and confidence, but we want to offer more. At Corkscrew not only do we provide your college with a unique J-term option for 4 weeks, but we also add the opportunity to enhance your students professional and personal development by providing you with our innovative Corkscrew On Campus program.

Step 1: The J-Term Experienceship

We can run our Experienceships for college groups and provide full logistical support to ensure you’re fully prepared for the 4 week duration abroad. We will work with you in identifying the best location for your selected students and assist in the preparation and support pre-departure. In country our team will locate the accommodation that best suits your needs and look for challenging live work projects to test and advance your group.

You will take a Corkscrew Thinking journey as you spark new business concepts through our unique startup process. Your group will finish the program in true Shark Tank pitching to local entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Learn The Corkscrew Thinking Process

During the 4 week J-Term Experienceship we will work with faculty one to one developing their understanding of the Corkscrew Thinking process and how you can use the process of startup to develop key professional and personal skills. Our Corkscrew Coaches will introduce you to tried and tested models and the benefits of Corkscrew Thinking in education and career enhancement.

Although the program utilizes startup processes, it has been built in a way that the model is transferable across all majors from accounting to antrapology. You will learn our key steps including Big Thinking (how to use creativty to spark new concepts), ©SEAMLESS Canvas (a logical tried and tested startup check system) and Kickstart (based in Lean Startup principles). You will engage with our key materials and workshops and learn to create your own innovative environments.

Step 3: Empower Your Students Back On Campus

After the 4 week J-Term Experienceship both faculty and students will have the experience and know how to return home with the tools to create your own Corkscrew On Campus model. Provided with full access to the School of Corkscrew Thinking’s materials, workshops, training packs and support you will have the ability to add an extra dimension to your students career development. We will work with you in finding the best way to implement the materials to your students through student led socities, classroom workshops and career guidance.

You will then be able to access new updates on Corkscrew materials and training through our partner portal (accessible by both faculty and students), allowing your school to continue the Corkscrew journey.

Corkscrew Startup Experienceships Are EU Accredited

Our Corkscrew Startup Experienceships have been accredited as part of the EU Mobility initiaitve Erasmus+ for the past 4 years.

Corkscrew Thinking Institutes.

You can find out more about our J-Term Startup Experienceships by downloading out information pack.


Our Corkscrew Thinking Community

Our Startup Experienceships are just one element of Corkscrew, we create and operate programs from education to corporate from one day to one year, online and offline.


Placements on our Startup Experienceships are limited to 20 per start date/location. Don’t miss out for summer 2017, send us your details below.


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